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wiitarded's Journal

a fandom icon explosion

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me: krys. 22. river city, fl. tech support monkey. amateur graphic artist. beatles fanatic. hopeless romantic. tivo addict. movie buff. toy collector. video gamer. geetar hiro. band nerd.

likes: being in love. the beatles. pink floyd. queen. dominic monaghan. lord of the rings. harry potter. hairspray. high school musical. zac efron. perez hilton. optimash prime. heroes. lost. linkin park.

dislikes: stereotypical cheerleaders. racism. homophobia. george bush. war. most rap music.

fandoms: lord of the rings, harry potter, lost, heroes, hairspray. high school musical.

ships: frodo/sam. merry/pippin. aragorn/arwen. faramir/eowyn. ron/hermione. harry/ginny. tonks/lupin. charlie/claire. sawyer/kate. jack/juliet. peter/nathan. niki/dl. hiro/charlie. link/tracy. gabriella/troy.
fun & shiny

♥ Favorite Icons ♥

all icons that appear here will be linked to the post from which they came. thanks -♥ krys

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